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Volunteer Ecuador

Volunteer work abroad in Ecuador South America, We offer volunteer programs in Ecuador, our volunteer opportunities are focused in Ecological, Conservation, social, educational, communitarian and health projects, around Ecuador.

Ecotourism jobs in Ecuador – volunteer Community Ecotourism Project. Conservation and sustainable development in Ecuador, Internship Programs.

Volunteers experience a unique way of appreciating the world while helping developing communities to help themselves. Simultaneously the volunteers help to empower the host communities in creating renewable and sustainable programs.

A volunteering opportunity with Imagine Ecuador is a great and meaningful experience in helping others through your participation, where you will gain a whole new perspective of the world, to support a cause, share your knowledge, meet new people, or to develop new skills.

Imagine Ecuador provides volunteers the opportunity to live and work side by side with a host organization or community and local people on locally designed and driven projects. The hosts provide a safe and interesting setting in which the volunteer can learn help, share and have fun.

The Volunteer Program will enable you to make a significant difference in someone life by giving your valuable time and effort. At the same time you will improve yourself both personally and professionally.

Our volunteer programs are designed to facilitate hands-on service and cultural exchange in the aim of fostering cultural understanding. We could say as well that our programs are designed to meet the challenges of contributing much-needed skills to the struggle for self-sufficiency in the development of our country.

Imagine Ecuador offers volunteers field experience in a variety of areas: reforestation, environmental education, community service and development, plant conservation, agriculture, and scientific research.

Why should you volunteer with us?

Volunteers have the possibility to choose from a wide variety of activities and fulfill others that are required, carrying out their work under the supervision of residential staff, researchers, environmental education instructors, and the administrative personnel of each area.

We look for people interested in contributing to the conservation of the environment.

This program will not only let you travel to a new country, visit wonderful places and live with people from different cultures, but it will also develop new skills, gain field experience and participate in activities aimed to preserve the forests and improve the quality of life of families living near or in the forested areas .

Join Imagine Ecuador in its efforts to protect the tropical ecosystems of Ecuador.

Conditions for volunteers Financing:

  • Volunteers must pay their own expenses, including airfare to Ecuador and living costs while in the country.

Costs for Volunteering:

  • Volunteers have to pay an application fee and the program fee according to the number of weeks they will stay . The program fee includes accommodation at the reserve, three meals a day, the coordination, organization and total support during the volunteer program. The payment has to be done before the volunteer program starts.

Health Insurance

  • Volunteers must have their own international health insurance and need to sign a waiver to release Imagine Ecuador from responsibility from any illness or injury incurred in Ecuador. Duration of Volunteer Work .
  • The minimum time limit for volunteers /internships is one month. Volunteers will need a visa if staying in Ecuador more than 90 days.

Work Schedules.

  • Volunteers are expected to work 8 hours a day, 22 days per month, therefore having 8 vacation days per month to be used upon approval of the project coordinator.

Educational Requirements.

  • University study is not a prerequisite to be accepted into the Program. Prospective volunteers should have interest in conservation and related human issues.
  • There exists a small risk of malaria in the jungle. Therefore volunteers must supply their own malaria prophylaxis while volunteering at either of these four sites.
  • While at the reserves, volunteers need approximately $20 USD per week for additional costs (beverages, community visits, , etc). However, please take along small bills to the reserves ($5 USD denominations or less). Please inquire with Imagine Ecuador Volunteer Coordinator ( to organize arrival dates to Ecuador and before booking air tickets.

After you have received information from the Volunteer Coordinator you just need to apply by sending the following things:

  1. Application letter indicating: experience in conservation activities, future interests, reasons for applying, preferred station and participation dates (participation dates are needed to guarantee space availability).
  2. Doctor’s note stating you are fit to participate in all activities required of you OR Proof of international travel Insurance.
  3. 2 passport size photographs
  4. If you have an original project include the work plan (2-5 pages)
  •  Rubber boots, rain poncho or raincoat, working gloves or garden gloves, another pair of good walking shoes, work clothes (long sleeve shirts –light colors- and pants, easy to dry), swimsuit, mosquito bed net, face net, flip flops or rubber sandals, loads of socks and T-shirts, sleeping bag), insect repellent, sun protection, water bottle, small pocket knife, sunglasses, plastic (ziplock) bags for dry storage, flashlight, binoculars and a personal first aid kit.
  •  Alcohol and drugs are prohibited during your volunteer program.