Imagine Ecuador

About Our Company


Imagine Ecuador, (DMC) Destination Management Company, is an Ecuadorian Travel Agency and Tour Operator with Ecuadorian management based in Baños specializing in outdoor adventures like Whitewater Rafting, Kayaking School and Courses, Canyoning, Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Zip Lining, Biking, Trekking, Mountain Climbing, Bridge Jumping and Horseback Riding as well as Amazon Rainforest Jungle Tours to the Cuyabeno Reserve, Yasuni National Park, Tena and Puyo, Galapagos Tours and Cruises, Island Hopping, Flight and offer tailor-made tours, Honeymoon Tours, Family Vacations, for individual travelers or groups according to your special needs.

Imagine Ecuador  has developed, organized, and delivered top-quality adventure tours in one of the world´s hotspots of biodiversity. Today, Imagine Ecuador covers all regions of the country (Andes, Amazon, Coast & Galapagos), providing a combination of quality, comfort, and value that has made us one of Ecuador´s favored tour agencies.

Imagine Ecuador strives to provide only distinctive travel experiences, unmatched in creativity, safety, professionalism, and attention to detail. Our office staff skillfully handles every detail of even the toughest itineraries – letting you focus on enjoying the natural and cultural distinctiveness of Ecuador.

Through our product lines – we offer a complete range of tours to access practically every visit-worthy corner of this wonderfully diverse country. Imagine Ecuador is a provider of Galapagos Cruise Vessels, as well as unique land-based travel services throughout Ecuador.

Pioneering adventure travel and opening new routes to experience Ecuador´s natural wonders defines Imagine Ecuador’s creative spirit and dedication. We first began as tour guides, running tours in the ANDES, and the AMAZON. Not long afterward, we expanded to include trekking and mountain biking routes, producing the venerable multisport concept which is well adjusted to Ecuador’s geographical diversity and close proximity between regions.

Safety First

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Safety is always our primary concern. Years of experience, combined with carefully planned safety procedures and contingency plans, form the backbone of our successful operation. A comprehensive safety briefing is given at the start of every trip and each adventurer is trained in the paddling, cycling, or riding techniques needed to safely navigate Ecuador´s often challenging terrain. Our guides are all trained in Wilderness First Responder (WFR).


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Our equipment is professional grade and top-of-the-line, specialized to withstand the rigors of adventure sports and designed to ensure maximum safety´, comfort and enjoyment. We provide all the necessary personal protective equipment: high-flotation life jackets, high-impact helmets, lightweight paddles, throw ropes, splash jackets, and more, based on the type of activity and weather. All trips include a complete first aid kit, stocked to the standards of a medical emergency response team.

Sustainable and Environmental Practices

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Imagine Ecuador is socially and environmentally committed to sustainable ecotourism practices  where we have the opportunity to contribute to Ecuador´s tourism industry both at an operational and political level in the space where tourism, the welfare of local communities, and environmental conservation practices meet.