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Exceptionally rich in biodiversity, the Ecuadorian Amazon offers unparalleled opportunities to experience the rainforest in its pristine state.

Though tiny in comparison to continental titans Brazil and Peru ,Ecuador packs a huge punch when it comes to natural wonders. South America’s fourth smallest country is home to snowcapped peaks and coastal desert; steaming volcanoes and crater lakes; and of course, the Galápagos Islands. And then there’s the Amazon rainforest, over 42,000 square miles of which thrives within the country’s borders. This may seem small in comparison to Brazil’s million-plus square miles of jungle, but the Ecuadorian Amazon teems with life—and, thanks to its underdevelopment, is an ideal place to experience the jungle in its raw, pristine state. It’s also readily accessible, just a few hours’ drive—or a very short flight—and a boat ride from the capital city of Quito.

Imagine Ecuador can arrange the life time experience into the Amazon. There are several options to choose for tours to the Amazon, the Cuyabeno Reserve is a top destination for tourist , packages for 3 , 4 or 5 days can be arrange.
If you are looking for wildlife experience, here you can find it all: pink river dolphins, caimans, anacondas , monkeys , birds , sloths ; just to mentioned some. In the other side, the natrure and the landscape is outstanding.

Yasuni Amazon

For those looking for a luxury experience in the Amazon or spend your honeymoon , we have it all. A package for 4 or 5 days into the Yasuni National Park with first class accomomodation.

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