Chimborazo Climbing

Chimborazo Mountain Climbing Tours Ecuador. We love what we do and our passion are the mountains, we would like to share this with you. Imagine Ecuador is the undisputed leader when it comes for Mountaineering. Climb the Chimborazo the highest peak in Ecuador with the specialist, we offer highly trained guides and top notch equipment!

The Chimborazo is the highest mountain in the Ecuadorian Andes and due to its close proximity to the equator it is also the furthest point from the centre of the Earth. Climbing the Chimborazo will offer a challenge to even the most experienced mountaineer; it is a technical climb and the long approach to reach the peak will certainly push your physical limits. In addition to proper acclimatisation, excellent physical condition is required to cover the 1.300-meter altitude difference between the Whymper Refuge and the summit, a 9 to 12 hour trek over never-ending glaciers. Challenge yourself and be one of the few who have left their footprints on the most distant point from the earth’s molten centre. Break the 20,000 ft. barrier and stand on the furthest point from the centre of the Earth.

Chimborazo Climbing 6310 meters

Day 1. We leave from Quito at 10:00 a.m. and drive for 5 hours to Chimborazo’s first refuge, at 4800 m. / 15.749 ft; also from Riobamba the tour departs at 10am . Spend the afternoon in the refuge, in order to rest and improve our acclimatization. The guide will give information about the route and a safety briefing. After dinner we will get a couple of hours sleep. At 22.30 p.m. it is time to start the climb.

Day 2. The first part of the climb is a mixture of boulders, rocks, snow and ice, until we reach the large rock formation of El Castillo (5350 m. / 17.553 ft.) From here we continue over the glaciated ridge. The slopes have an average steepness of 30 – 40 degrees, with some icy sections of 45 degrees. After 7 – 8 hours we reach the Veintimillia Summit (6227 m. / 20.429 ft.) With good snow conditions, sufficient time, and if you still have enough energy, you can continue for 1 more hour across a challenging field with penitents (ice towers) to the Whymper summit (6263 m. / 20.548 ft.) The descent will take 3 – 4 hours. From the Carrel refuge transfer back to Riobamba.

DIFFICULTY: difficult; a very good acclimatization and previous glacier experience is necessary.

DEPARTURE: Everyday with 2 people minimum

Included: Professional bilingual guide (maximum 1 guide per 2 people), transportation from Riobamba to Riobamba, bed at refuge on the first night, lunch on the first day, dinner and breakfast at the refuge, special climbing equipment .

Special climbing equipment included in the packages: polar pants , plastic climbing boots , gaiters, crampons , outside gloves, waterproof pants, ice axe , climbing harness, sleeping bag, helmet.

Necessary Equipment (Not included): water bottle, inside polar gloves , energy drinks and snacks, camera, sun cream,  warm walking trousers, sunglasses, puffer jacket or similar, wool hat, walking sticks , face mask, large rucksack (50-70 liter), reasonably day pack(35 liters), warm gear including puffer jacket etc), camelback type vessel for water, batteries AAA.

What to bring: warm clothes, trekking shoes, personal water bottle, sunscreen, personal items, camera, sunglasses and snacks,  2 pairs batteries AAA .

Private tour:  460USD for one person with a private guide, 2 people onwards for 295USD / from Riobamba to Riobamba / from Quito  to Quito private 540USD, 2 people onwards 340USD