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Mary Anne

Mary Anne Motor Sailor Yacht. The Mary Anne yacht is a sailing boat crafted in the finest tradition! Her 1000 square metres of sail and sleek design make her fast, while inside her cabins and wood-panelled lounge areas offer plenty of comfort.

  • Number of cabins: cabins with bunks – double lower beds and single upper beds
  • Private bathroom: yes
  • Air conditioning: yes
  • Hot water: yes
  • Sundeck: yes
  • Other: outdoor bar, lounge area, kayaks
S/S Mary Anne Specifications
Length:*L.O.A.: 216 feet / 65.84 meters *L.O.D.: 172 feet / 52.43 meters
Beam:25.9 feet / 7.89 meters
Draft:16.7 feet / 5.09 meters
Speed:8 knots
Sail Area:9902 feet / 3018.13 meters
Electric Power Supply:220 V 50Hz / 110 V 60Hz
*L.O.A.: length including bowsprit
*L.O.D.: length on deck

SATBaltra, Black turtle cove
SUNGenovesa: Darwin Bay, Prince Philip Steps
MONBartolome, Santiago: Sullivan Bay
TUERabida, Santa Cruz: Cerro Dragon
WEDSanta Cruz: Bachas Beach, Punta Carrion
THUPlazas, Santa Fe
FRIEspañola: Gardner Bay, Gardner & Osborn islets, Punta Suarez
SATSanta Cruz: Charles Darwin Station, Baltra


SATBaltra, Santa Cruz: Twin craters, Highlands
SUNFloreana: Punta Cormorant, Devils Crown, Post Office bay
MONSanta cruz: Highlands, Tortuga Bay
TUEIsabela: Punta Moreno, Elizabeth Bay
WEDIsabela: Urbina Bay, Fernandina: Punta Espinosa
THUIsabela: Tagus Cove, Punta Vicente Roca, Punta Abermarle
FRISantiago: Espumilla Beach, Bucaneer Cove, Puerto Egas
SATNorth Seymour, Baltra