Payment Methods

Imagine Ecuador


Payment with all Credit Cards

Send money easy and safe. This payment is available for any credit card, it has $15 surcharge for one single payment. Once the client requests the payment, one of our agents will send to your email the link where you can enter the necessary information of your credit card and send the payment. In addition, the client must assume the charge of our online payment platform which will debit it digitally at the time of entering their credit or debit card information.

International Bank Transfer

Below you find all necessary details to transfer money to our account. Please make sure that all details are transcribed correctly.

If you would like to do an international bank transfer, please make sure that the bank clerk ticks the box “OUR” (= account holder pays all the fees) because otherwise the amount transferred to our account will not be correct.


Checking Account: 2100026264

Account holder: Imagine Ecuador

Swift code: PICHECEQ

Bank Address: Amazonas 4545 and Pereira Street, Quito, Ecuador

Many banks require our company’s physical address to complete the order: After the transaction is made, please send us a transfer confirmation via email to:

Make sure that the bank charges are covered (including  a 50 USD fee which we are charged for receiving your wire transfer). If you need assistance to transfer the money please contact your bank, it will be able to help you. For further questions do not hesitate to call us at: +593-985238214 

Direct Deposit

Only if you are in Ecuador.

  • Bank: Banco Pichincha
  • Checking Account: 2100026264
  • Account holder: Imagine Ecuador


  • Bank: Banco Austro
  • Checking account: 0418232234
  • Account holder: Imagine Ecuador


  • Bank: Banco Pichincha
  • Saving Account number: 4678052700
  • Account holder: Juan Gacitua
  • Account number: 1042753600
  • Account holder: Juan Gacitua


  • Account number: 6206673004
  • Account holder: Juan Gacitua


BUSINESS /TAX/ID: 1891749801001