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Whitewater Rafting in Banos Ecuador. The whitewater rafting specialists offering personalized service, top notch guides and first-class equipment. A fun, adventurous day to remember for a lifetime, only with Imagine Ecuador!

The Agency is most experienced Banos rafting outfitters and one of Ecuador’s few original rafting companies who offer over 10 different river trips on 10 of Ecuador’s best rivers to choose from, so you can raft anywhere and whenever you want.
Our guides are highly trained and certified, dedicated to make your rafting experience a memorable one.
Our rafts are of highest quality used in a wide range of rafting conditions to ensure the most enjoyable experience possible!


If you are looking for an outstanding rafting experience with first class service and talented guides only Imagine Ecuador can offer this in Baños Ecuador!


Whitewater is formed in a rapid, when a river’s gradient increases enough to disturb its laminar flow and create turbulence, i.e., form a bubbly, or aerated and unstable current; the frothy water appears white.

The term “whitewater” also has a broader meaning, applying to any river or creek itself that has a significant number of rapids.


There are 4 factors, separately or in combination, can create rapids: gradient, constriction, obstruction and flow rate.

1. Stream Bed topography. Stream bed topography is the primary factor in creating rapids and is generally consistent over time.

2. Gradient. The gradient of a river is the rate at which it loses elevation along its course.
3. Constriction. Constrictions can form a rapid when a river’s flow is forced into a narrower channel.
4. Obstruction. A boulder or ledge in the middle of a river or near the side can obstruct the flow of the river, and can also create a “cushion”; a “drop” (over the boulder); and “hydraulics” or “holes” where the river flows back on itself–perhaps back under the drop–often with fearful results for those caught in its grasp.

International Scale of River Difficulty

The most widely used grading system is classed in six categories from level I (the easiest and safest) to level VI (the most difficult and most dangerous). The grade reflects both the technical difficulty and the danger associated with a rapid, with grade.

Level I (no experience necessary): Very small rough areas, requires no maneuvering, for example a river pool

Level II (basic paddling skills): Some rough water, maybe some rocks, small drops, might require maneuvering.

Level III (basic experienced paddling skills): Whitewater, medium waves, maybe a 3-5 ft drop, not that easy or imposible but a lot fun. May require significant maneuvering.

Level IV (experienced whitewater skills): White Water, large waves, long rapids, rocks, maybe a considerable drop, sharp maneuvers may be needed.

Level V (advanced whitewater rafters): White Water, large waves, continuous rapids, large rocks and hazards, maybe a large drop, precise maneuvering

Level VI (for experts): Whitewater, typically with huge waves, huge rocks and hazards, huge drops, but sometimes labeled this way due to largely invisible dangers, for example a smooth slide that creates a near-perfect, almost inescapable hydraulic.


Rafting,  Pastaza River Class III – III +

Starts: 9 am

Ends: 2:30 pm

Season: All year

Locations: Starts at La Penal and ends  near Cumanda


Rafting, upper Pastaza River, Class III  – IV

Starts: 9 am

Season: October through February

Ends: 2 pm

Location: starts at San Francisco and ends in Topo

Detailed description:

We will meet at our agency at 9 am where you will be provided with the necessary equipment for your rafting tour. Once everyone is equipped, we will start our tour taking a private van to San Francisco Town. On the way, you can see different waterfalls (Agoyan, Manto de la Novia, El Pailon del Diablo) which are along the route of the cascades. When we arrive at the river, you will be given a safety talk so that you know what to do on the raft, e.g. paddle commands and other tips to keep the group safe on the river.

We will practice the commands on land first before we get on the river. Then it is time for your rafting experience through a beautiful landscape. After a great hour of rafting the class III+/IV rapids we will finish the trip in Topo where our driver will be waiting for us. To round off the trip we will have a well deserved lunch before we return back to Baños.

Level of difficulty: medium – hard
Weight limit: 2o0lb



Price: $35 per person, operated by Imagine Ecuador.


Price: $50 per person, operated by Imagine Ecuador.


For solo travellers 2 or people: $30 per 3 person, willing to be in a large group, operated by a partner company.  Ask before please if there is a departure with Imagine Ecuador , in this case we can include in the group.


Certified guide, safety kayaker, transportation to the river and back to Baños, high quality equipment like: wetsuits, life jackets, helmets,  water shoes and paddles; a delicious lunch, pictures and videos in high definition 

What to bring: USB, device or SD card to pick up the photos and videos after the tour, swimsuit, towel, sunglasses with retention strap, sunscreen  insect repellent, water bottle and snacks.


Map of the locations for rafting in the upper Pastaza River, and lower Pastaza River.



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