Antisana Climbing

Antisana Mountain Climbing Tours. One of the greatest adventure that should not pass up. Passion, adventure, love for the mountains. All in one place like no others!


Climbing Antisana (5758 mt)

The Antisana volcano is located in the Antisana Ecological Reserve, the Mountain has 4 peaks and massive ice forms, reaching the top is a unique opportunity to enjoy one of the impressive volcanoes in the Andean Mountains. The climb itself is considered very technical, and requires knowledge and experience in mountain climbing, the view of other surrounding volcanoes such as the Cotopaxi, Illinizas and the Chimborazo is amazing.


Climbing Antisana 5758 meters


First day: We start the tour at our meeting point in Quito,  after we will try the equipment provided, then we will head up to the Antisana Reserve until the parking located at 4500 meters and setting a camping site for the night ,after this we will have our lunch. In the afternoon we will have a technical speech like climbing instructions, first aid and security advises, after this we will be back to our camping to be prepare for our dinner and to rest.

Second day: We will wake up around 11: 30 at night to set up all the equipment and have something to eat before climbing. If the weather conditions will be suitable to climb you will be able to reach to the summit, the time will be approximately 6 to 7 hours to ascend and descend to the refuge where you will be around 10 am if you were successful to climb. After when we get to camping you will pack all the equipment and return to Quito, End of the tour.


Included: Professional bilingual guide (maximum 1 guide per 2 people), transportation from Quito to Quito, bed at refuge on the first night, lunch on the first day, dinner and breakfast at the refuge, special climbing equipment .

Special climbing equipment included in the packages: polar pants , plastic climbing boots , gaiters, polar jacket, crampons , outside gloves, waterproof pants/ jacket , ice axe , climbing harness, sleeping bag

Necessary Equipment (Not included): water bottle, inside polar gloves , energy drinks and snacks, camera, sun cream,  warm walking trousers, sunglasses, puffer jacket or similar, wool hat, walking sticks , face mask, large rucksack (50-70 liter), reasonably day pack(35 liters), warm gear including puffer jacket etc), camelback type vessel for water, batteries AAA.

What to bring: warm clothes, trekking shoes, personal water bottle, suns cream, personal items, camera, sunglasses and snacks,  2 pairs batteries AAA .


Prices: private tour 1 person $830, two people onwards $480 per person.



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