Rock Climbing Banos

Rock Climbing Banos, Rock Climbing Banos Ecuador, Best Rock Climbing Tours in Banos Ecuador. Winner National Rock Climbing Competition in Banos Ecuador 2015, first score category professional. This achievement is the direct result of having excellent guides and the best equipment. Our Agency offer excellent rock climbing tours in Banos!


Our focus is to help you to efficiently reach your climbing goals while developing superior risk management awareness and technical skill proficiency.

Beginning climbs usually range in difficulty from 5.5 to 5.8, and take place utilizing a top-rope setup within 50 feet of the ground. Using this technique, the client can easily receive instructions and can return to the ground at any time. Intermediate guided climbs usually range in difficulty from 5.7 to 5.9, and take place utilizing a top-belay setup or multi-pitch techniques. Top belay setups require that the client be proficient at belaying technique and general climbing knowledge.

The client belays the guide to the top of the cliff, and then joins the guide at the top where he/she is again under direct guide supervision. Multi-pitch climbing involves more advanced understanding of roped climbing systems, as the client will be required to be alone at a belay station while the guide climbs to the next belay station. Further, the client is required to exit the belay station and “clean” the station by bringing along all of the guides equipment used to construct the belay.

Advanced guided climbs usually range in difficulty from 5.8 to 5.11 and beyond, and usually involve multi-pitch techniques. Multi-pitch techniques are required to cover the large amount of climbing associated with advanced climbing objectives. The client will be required to be alone at a belay station while the guide climbs to the next belay station.

In addition, efficiency of climbing systems and communications are important on longer climbs. Guide and client will discuss advanced topics such as rope management, descent systems, anchor placement and station management, etc.


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The tour starts at our office at 9 am in the morning or at 2 pm, where you will be equipped with climbing shoes, special rock climbing helmets and harnesses. After a 15 minute car drive you will arrive at the entrance to the wall of Natural Lava Rock. Before you start climbing, you will be given technical tips by our guide and will be instructed in safety issues.



PRICE: 35USD per person 2  to 3 people , 4 people onwards $30 per person, private tour 1 person $60

INCLUDED: climbing shoes, harness, helmet, carabiners, guide, private transportation.

NOT INCLUDED: Tips for the guides


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