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Kayaking Baños  


Pastaza River

Without doubt the most challenging tropical whitewater kayaking done in the country, the river is located between the Sangay and Llanganates national Parks. Spectacular scenery and challenging rapids mark the whole of this section of the river one of the main tributary of the Amazon.

SEASON: All year

Price: 90USD per person, minimum 2 people, 1 person private tour $180

Kayaking Tena – Jatunyacu River 


The Jatun Yacu River is the main river run in the area, it is a big volume, big fun whitewater river kayaking with plenty of action. This is a 25K run. We always start our trips with a waterfall and swimming adventure in the Llanganates national park in the jungle making this a truly memorable kayaking trip.

SEASON: All year

Price: 95USD per person for minimum of 2 people, private tour 1 person $190

Kayaking Tena Jondachi – Hollin 


The Jondachi and Hollin Rivers are a blast for white water Kayaking, this 38 kilometers of pristine jungle that is more isolated than most of the river runs in the country. The two white water rivers are different in style the first being technical and the second a big water experience. The trip starts with a hike and a visit to a hidden canyon where there is a chance to make a 10 meter jump into a deep pool. From there the river experience is unique with amazing jungle scenery with many cascading waterfalls along route.

Price: 120USD per person, minimum 2 people, 1 person private tour $240

SEASON: October to March

Kayaking Tena – Misahualli River


The Misahualli River is one of the most acclaimed as an Ecuadorian classic and said to be run by nearly all kayaking operators but never is mainly due to the grueling portage at the waterfall and the difficult nature of a narrow canyon run with big water potential that makes it particularly challenging for river guides.

SEASON: All year

Price: 90USD per person, minimum 2 people , private tour 1 person $180

Kayaking near Quito Quijos river


The Quijos whitewater river is Ecuador’s premier whitewater trip with mile after mile of class IV rapids and spectacular rainforest and basalt canyon scenery, this kayaking tour will take 20 kilometers, we take on the very same rapids in the Quijos River that challenged two hundred and fifty of the world’s best rafters as they battled it out in October 2005 to be crowned World Champions. This trips are for experienced kayakers.

SEASON: October to March

Price: 120USD per person minimum 2 people, 1 person private tour $240

Kayaking near Quito – Toachi – Blanco 


The Toachi and Blanco rivers are a blast for Kayaking and have proved to be the beginning of a whitewater addiction for thousands of first-timers. Flowing off the coastal side of the Andes they have some of the longest navigable sections of whitewater in the country. Combine this with the sights and sounds of the forest environment we pass through and you are guaranteed a day to remember. This trip will take you on the river for 24 kilometers.

Price: 120USD per person minimum 2 people, 1 person private tour $240

Kayaking Puyo – Palora River 

The Palora river is one of the most acclaimed river to practice Kayaking in Ecuador, big waves and BIG FUN! A great trip for both beginners and experts alike, it has the perfect combination of exciting rapids, calm pools, and fabulous jungle scenery to delight everybody . This is a kayaking adventure that should not be passed up!

SEASON: All year

Price: 120USD per person mimimum 2 people, private tour 1 person $240

Kayaking Macas – Upano River  2 days

This is one of our newest product for this year, this is a two days trip (including traveling time).

Day one: starting in Baños, we travel for 4 hours down to Macas, in the evening we camp alongside the river Upano.

Day two: we enter Namangosa Gorge an incredible day of big water wave trains, waterfalls and high canyon walls where we will kayak all day. At the end of the tour the car will be waiting for you to drive you to Baños where you will be back around 7pm.

SEASON: October to February

Price: 300USD per person, minimum 2 people


Professional instructor,  complete kayaking equipment, (life jackets, helmets, paddles, wetsuits), transport from to the river and back, all meals on the river.

Requirements participants must be experienced whitewater kayakers and be able to swim very well.


Swimsuit, shorts, T-shirt, tennis shoes/river sandals, sunglasses with retention strap, baseball cap, sunscreen and lip balm, insect repellent, water bottle (1 litre)



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