Tungurahua Climbing

Tungurahua Volcano Climbing, Trekking and Hiking in Banos Ecuador. Climb and Hike the Tungurahua Volcano to admire the incredible nature of the Sangay National Park , reach the summit  5023 meters.


Climbing, Hiking the Tungurahua Volcano from Banos, also available a day trip to the refuge, the tour gives you the opportunity to admire the complex and beautiful nature of the Sangay National Park and the beautiful surrounding mountains.

History :

In 2000, after a long period of quiescence, the volcano entered an eruptive phase that continues to this day. The renewed activity in October 1999 produced major ashfall and led to the temporary evacuation of more than 25,000 inhabitants from Baños and the surrounding area. Activity continued at a medium level until May 2006, when activity increased dramatically, culminating in violent eruptions on 14 July 2006 and 16 August 2006. The 16 August 2006 eruption has been the most violent since activity commenced in 1999.

A further eruption and evacuation occurred on 4 December 2010. Another eruption occurred on 18 December 2012 forcing evacuation of those living on the volcano’s slopes. The volcano erupted again in July 2013 and 1 February 2014 when the volcano erupted again.


Tungurahua Volcano Climbing 5023 meters

Day 1: You will meet at the office at 13:00 pm, then you will take the private transportation for about 46 minutes, till the entrance of the Sangay National park 2600 meters. From the entrance you will take a hike of 3 hours through the park to reach the refuge at 3800 meters. After you’ll arrive to the refuge is time to relax and take pictures of the landscape around the refuge. You will have dinner early , then get to rest early as you will wake up at 1 am in the morning to start  climbing the Volcano, the time to reach to summit depends always on your physical level, if you are good to climb probably 6 hours round trip, if you climb very slow  probably 8 hours.

Day 2: Summit the Volcano Tungurahua at 5023 meters. The most exciting part , a real challenge if the weather permit. Now is time to admire other mountains on the Andes like Chimborazo , Carihuairazo, Altares, Cotopaxi. After enjoying  taking lots of photos is the time to start descending to the refuge , where you will arrive at the midday. Time to grab something to eat , before the hike down to the entrance, where the car is waiting for you to return to Banos. The tour ends in Banos around 4 – 5pm.


Professional mountain guide, transportation from Banos to Banos, bed at refuge, on the first day dinner, in the last day breakfast at the refuge, special climbing equipment .

Special climbing equipment included in the package: harnes, helmet, ice axe , sleeping bag.

Necessary Equipment (Not included): water bottle, inside polar gloves , energy drinks and snacks, camera, sun cream,  warm walking trousers, sunglasses, puffer jacket or similar, wooly hat, walking sticks , face mask, large rucksack (50-70 liter), reasonably day pack(35 liters), warm gear including puffer jacket, camelback type vessel for water, batteries AAA, head lamp.

What to bring: warm clothes, trekking shoes, personal water bottle, sunscreen, personal items, camera, sunglasses, snacks, flash light with batteries.




The tour starts at 8am in Baños. We travel with our private transportation for 46 minutes till Pondoa (2650m). After we will start with a hike for about 3 to 4 hours from Pondoa to the refuge of Tungurahua (3800m). When we will get to refuge we will have our snacks and have a look at the wonderful surroundings. We can hear the sounds of the volcano as well from the refuge, after we will start to descend walking down to Pondoa to take our mountain bike to come down to Baños where you will be around 17:00 pm.


Transportation, mountain bike (optional), lunch box, purified water, English-speaking guide.

NOT INCLUDED: Tips for the guide

What to bring: Trekking shoes, warm clothes, sun protection, windbrake jacket, gloves, waking stick , water bottle.



Climbing 2 days $200 per person ( minimum 2 people) with spanish speaking guide, English speaking guide $280

Trekking 1 day $90  per person ( minimum 2 people) with English speaking guide.





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