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Honeymoon and wedding Tours in the Amazon. Located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Yasuni National Park encompasses one of the most biologically diverse forests in the world also  is home to some of the last indigenous people Waoranis. The Yasuni National Park is famous for it is unique biodiversity and has been recognized by UNESCO for its ecological and cultural importance.

Created in 1979, Yasuni is the largest mainland National Park in Ecuador, and has been declared an International Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO. This large area in the rainforest protects three types of vegetation ranging from woodlands on dry soil to semi-permanently flooded forest.

The Yasuni National Park is mostly uninhabited, except for several Huaorani indigenous families who have lived within the park boundaries for generations.

Imagine Ecuador pairs a full service, first class jungle expedition with ecologically friendly tourism. The thatch-roofed cabanas, bar and restaurant of the different lodges are powered by solar panels.

The Amazon Ecolodges at the Yasuni National Park are a perfect place for all kinds of travellers. Imagine Ecuador can offer honeymoon trips and romantic excursions, special bird watching programmes and family excursions that help bringing you into harmony with the rainforest around you.

La Selva Jungle Lodge

Napo Wildlife Center

Sacha Lodge

Sani Lodge

Napo Cultural Center