Ilinizas Climbing

Ilinizas North and South Mountain Climbing tours. Try the best climbing and alpinism in Ecuador with the travel experts, we customize your tour according to your special needs!


Iliniza North

Is a rocky peak and very seldom is covered with snow. Its normal route does not present any technical problem, so for trekkers or soft climbers is a challenge and offers some of the more enjoyable climbs, great views and self confidence.

Iliniza South

Is reserved for those who have good skills on ice climbing. Because of the glacier recession, its normal route has become more and more difficult, so front point skills are necessary. Therefore it is not recommended for beginners. This peak has the reputation of being an Alpine climb.


Climbing Ilinizas North 2 days 

North Ilinizas Climbing 5125 meters



Departure from Quito in private transport to the place called the Virgin which is at 3,900 mtrs. Then we start walking 3 hours to the refuge that is 4,600 meters where we will rest. Lunch, Dinner.

Departure from Quito at 9:00 a.m.

The virgin 3,900 meters



Departure 5:00 am

Approximate time of 3 – 4 hours of walk

We will get up at 5 am to walk towards the summit of Ilinizas Norte, which is at 5,150 mtrs. Then back to the Virgin where the transport is and return to Quito. You will end the tour at 1 pm more or less. Breakfast.

Climbing Ilinizas North 1 day

Day 1
Ilinizas is an ancient volcano located south of Quito, which is divided into two different selections; This happened about 5000 years ago.

This tour climbs the northern peak, reaching an altitude of 5126m / 16,817 feet.

Departure from Quito 7 am in private transportation to the place called the Virgin which is 3,900 meters high.

Here we will begin to walk between 6 hours towards the summit of Ilinizas Norte, which is 5,150 m high. If it is snowing, we need the crampons.

Then back to the Virgin will take us about 3 hours where the transport will be, then return Quito.


Included: Professional bilingual guide (maximum 1 guide per 2 people), transportation from Quito to Quito, bed at refuge on the first night, lunch on the first day, dinner and breakfast at the refuge, special climbing equipment .

Special climbing equipment included in the packages: polar pants , plastic climbing boots , gaiters, polar jacket, crampons , outside gloves, waterproof pants/ jacket , ice axe , climbing harness, sleeping bag

Necessary Equipment (Not included): water bottle, inside polar gloves , energy drinks and snacks, camera, sun cream,  warm walking trousers, sunglasses, puffer jacket or similar, wool hat, walking sticks , face mask, large rucksack (50-70 liter), reasonably day pack(35 liters), warm gear including puffer jacket etc), camelback type vessel for water, batteries AAA.

What to bring: warm clothes, trekking shoes, personal water bottle, sunscreen, personal items, camera, sunglasses and snacks,  2 pairs batteries AAA .


Ilinizas  North: tour for 2 days,  2 people 270USD per person,  private tour 460USD per person/ tour for 1 day, private tour for 290USD, shared tour 170USD.

South Ilinizas: 300USD per person for 2 people, private tour for  530USD



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