Cotopaxi Climbing

Cotopaxi Mountain Climbing Tours. Considered one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, Cotopaxi attracts more visitors than any other volcanoes in Ecuador.Try the best mountain climbing with the specialist, special promotions all included!


The Cotopaxi rises majestically above the Andean Cordilleras and is one of the most active volcanoes of Ecuador, the almost perfect cone shape is an identification sign which makes it world famous as a picture book volcano. Reaching the top of this volcano is a must for every mountaineer who wants to reach even higher peaks. It is technically not a difficult mountain, but a good physical condition is a basic requirement for a successful climb.

From the peak you can enjoy a beautiful view over the wide Andes landscape and with a clear view you can even see all of the snow-capped mountains of Ecuador. Glancing into the crater with a diameter of 800 m, from which a sulphur steam is still flowing you can imagine how powerful the forces of nature must have been to create a natural beauty of this kind.


Cotopaxi Mountain Climbing 5897 meters

First day: The tour starts in Quito at 10:30 am where you will meet with the mountain guide and check the equipment. After when you have all the equipment you’ll drive to the parking area in the Cotopaxi National Park ultill 4600 meters for about two hours then we will hike up to the refuge Jose Rivas at 4810 meters where you will have the lunch. In the Afternoon you will have a technical speech about climbing instructions , first aid and security advices.

After having our dinner and arranging the equipment for tomorrow, we should go to bed early as we get up at midnight to start climbing. Lunch and dinner included this day.

Second day: We wake up at midnight in order to leave for the summit at 1 a.m. We need 6 to 7 hours to reach the top and another 3-4 hours to descend. After arriving back to the refuge we have our meal and rest for a while, with the opportunity to observe the flora and fauna in the surrounding area. After this brilliant experience we leave Cotopaxi National Park towards to Quito where is the end of the tour around 1 pm. Breakfast included this day.


Included: Professional bilingual guide (maximum 1 guide per 2 people), transportation from Quito – Cotopaxi – Quito, bed at refuge ́Jose Rivas ́ on the first day lunch and dinner, in the last day breakfast at the refuge, special climbing equipment .

Special climbing equipment included in the packages: polar pants , plastic climbing boots , gaiters, polar jacket, crampons , outside gloves, waterproof pants/ jacket , ice axe , climbing harness, sleeping bag

Necessary Equipment (Not included): water bottle, inside polar gloves , energy drinks and snacks, camera, sun cream,  warm walking trousers, sunglasses, puffer jacket or similar, wool hat, walking sticks , face mask, large rucksack (50-70 liter), reasonably day pack(35 liters), warm gear including puffer jacket etc), camelback type vessel for water, batteries AAA.

What to bring: warm clothes, trekking shoes, personal water bottle, sunscreen, personal items, camera, sunglasses and snacks,  2 pairs batteries AAA .


Price per person private tour, 1 person: $800

Price 2 people onwards : $430 per person



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