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The region of Tena is the entrance to the Amazon basin, located in the Eastern part of Ecuador “El Oriente”, the area is a place of unparalleled biodiversity. It holds an astounding amount of wildlife and flora: home to 50% of Ecuador’s mammals, 5% of earth’s plant species and prolific birdlife. It is the most accessible part to reach the jungle, with more than 500 bird species, big cats, butterflies, monkeys, fish, snakes and insects.

Covering more than a third of Ecuador’s land, the Oriente houses only a tiny percentage of the country’s population, including the native Achuar, Cofan, Huaorani and Quichua, just to mention a few.

Tena is a very special place for a short tour in the Amazon if you do not have much time; here you can experience the wonderful scenery of the Rio Napo and stay at one of our selected lodges.

Yacuma Ecolodge

Itamandi Lodge

Liana Lodge