Rafting Ecuador

Rafting Ecuador, River Rafting Ecuador South America. In Ecuador the massive Andean mountains give birth to many rivers and, it has in fact one of the world’s highest concentrations of rivers per square mile. These rivers make their way through spectacular gorges, canyons, valleys, and jungle leaving behind miles of breathtaking world class whitewater that feed into the powerful Amazon River.

Ecuador offers excellent, year-round whitewater rafting. In addition to the rivers’ nearly continuous flows, they have warm, tropical waters and excellent accessibility, especially those in the east. There are a variety of rivers to choose from, with varying grades of difficulty. Ecuador is an unrivaled whitewater destination that you should not miss.

Why the best Rafting is in the Amazon Jungle:

The jungle rivers on the Amazon side of the Andes are generally bigger and have more consistent flows than their West-Andean counterparts. They are also by far the most clean and scenic rivers in all of Ecuador. Besides their exceptional whitewater, the rivers of eastern Ecuador also provide an opportunity to experience the incredible Amazon jungle and the rhythm of life of its native inhabitants.

Whitewater rafting in Banos is one of the most thrilling adventure, if you ever come to Baños add white water rafting to your wish list!

The Rafting near Quito in  the Quijos, Toachi and Blanco rivers are an unparalleled rafting experience you shouldn’t miss.

The Upano River is one of the most amazing rafting adventure in Ecuador with an spectacular landscape of the Amazon.

The Palora River is an awesome Rafting Adventure with big waves and a big volume of water.

Rafting in Tena Ecuador is one of the most exhilarating whitewater rafting experience with dozens of rivers to choose from.