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Banos de Agua Santa

Banos de Agua Santa Ecuador

Every December 16th, the town of Baños de Agua Santa celebrates its cantonization. Before 1946, Baños was considered a canton of the city of Pelileo. However, according to the Official Registry, on December 16, 1946, the town was officially declared a canton of the province of Tungurahua.

On this special day, we celebrate the history of our community. As we look back at the lives of our citizens, we see that they write the words to the story. It is they who, through their experiences, complete the chapters of this fascinating tale set in the mountains of Ecuador. 

It is not a book — it’s an encyclopedia of knowledge and feelings, that documents the testimony of a noble people. These are people who will never renounce their ideals; ideals as simple as the value of honest work in one’s daily life.

Baños de Agua Santa has always been a place where family and friends come together. Friendliness and spontaneous affection are the ingredients that help us grow our dreams until they become reality. 

We are united as a family. With our varied characters, colors and activities, we are always ready to embrace the future and overcome the challenges that nature places in our path. And we will work together, as citizens and families, to support projects designed for the well-being of the entire canton.

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