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The Nortada charter boast provides exciting enhancements to live-aboard diving in the Galapagos Islands. Its elegant furnishings and professional diving equipment makes for an unmatched diving experience!

Originally built in France, Nortada is a dive live-aboard vessel in the Galapagos Islands that offers 7 and 14 night itineraries to Wolf and Darwin. Nortada’s 8 guest arrangement creates a very special dive experience to our guests. The vessel is a great option for running private charters in a small group environment. Nortada offers very personalized dive experiences. For individual travelers Nortada offers a new way to dive the Galapagos Islands in small groups, something that will make diving more relaxing and enjoyable. Nortada also supports specialized activities such as rebreather and technical diving, support for photo – video oriented divers, private yacht support, celebrity travel, enhanced privacy needs or other interest oriented departures.

For Filling Gas:

  • Twin Nuvair HP Compressors (one electric and one diesel)
  • Nitrox / Trimix LP Compressor System (with membrane system to make nitrogen)
  • Haskel Sport Oxygen Boosters
  • Portable Tri-Hunter 3000 Gas Mixing Stick


  • 30 Aluminum 80 cu ft / 12 liter Cylinders (15 for Oxygen/ 15 for Nitrox)
  • 15 Aluminum 100 cu ft / 15 liter Cylinders (Fitted with XS Scuba PRO DIN Insert Valves)
  • 10 Nitrox Compatible 40 cu ft / 6 liter Aluminum Bailout Cylinders (Rigging Stage, Sidemount)
  • 20 Steel 19 cu ft / 2 liter Rebeather Cylinders Fitted with Various Valves

For Gas Analysis:

  • 2 Nuvair Nitrox Analyzers
  • 1 Analytical Industries Trimix Analyzer

For Diver Safety:

  • 10 Nautilus Lifeline Bi-Directional VHF/DSC Marine Radios with GPS
  • 10 Dive Alerts
  • 10 Reef Hooks
  • 10 Emergency Strobes
  • 10 DSMB’s


  • Comprehensive Toolkit
  • An Assortment of Solid Lead Weights
  • Soft-trim Pouches