La Pinta Ship

La Pinta Yacht Ship, Honeymoon in the Galapagos Islands.  La Pinta is a brand new cruise ship accommodating 48 passengers in luxurious accommodations, Luxury, pleasure & comfort. It offers a relaxed yet lavish expedition atmosphere and all the amenities that make the Galapagos Expedition a trip of a lifetime.


La Pinta features 24 outside cabins, in the same deck with twin or queen-size beds, Central air conditioning with individual controls in each cabin. In-room safe deposit box, Telephone with direct international dialing, Closet and luggage storage space, Multi-channel sound system for closed circuit music and connection for personal iPods, MP3, MP4.

Also features three public decks that include an ample bar-salon, dining room, natural history library, sky bar and sundeck, Jacuzzi and exercise room, conference room with latest A/V equipment boutique and snorkeling equipment.

  • Length: 207 feet (63 m)
  • Beam: 39.4 feet (12 m)
  • Gross Tonnage: 1541
  • Capacity: 48 Passengers
  • Accommodation: 24 outside cabins, all similar, in the same deck.
    Approximate size 15 square meters (162 square feet).
  • On Board: bar-salon, dining room, natural history library, sky bar and sundeck
  • Speed: 14 knots

8-day  Itinerary “Western”

FRIAmBaltra Island Arrival in Baltra airport and transfer to the boat. Briefing onboard about the boat and the island.
PmNorth Seymour Island Explore the rocky coast, passing colonies of blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigatebirds.
SATAmIsabela Island: Vicente Roca Point The remnants of an ancient volcano form two turquoise coves with a bay protected from ocean swells.
PmFernandina Island: Espinosa Point A narrow stretch of land where hundreds of marine iguanas gather largely on black lava rocks.
SUNAmIsabela Island: Urbina Bay Its waters are a good place to see turtles and rays. Ashore you’ll find a short trail leading to a coral reef.
PmIsabela Island: Tagus Cove An opportunity to see penguins as well as marine iguanas, Sally Lightfoot crabs and sea lions.
MONAmRábida Island: Red Beach A noisy colony of sea lions lives on the beach. The short trail inland is a good place to observe land birds.
PmSanta Cruz Island: Dragon Hill A hypersalinic lagoon frequented by flamingos, stilts, pintail ducks and other species of birds.
TUEAmSanta Cruz Island: Charles Darwin Station An organisation that provides scientific assistance to ensure the proper preservation of the Galápagos.
PmSanta Cruz Island: Los Gemelos Spanish for The Twins, they are two volcanic depressions on the highest part of Santa Cruz.

AmFloreana Island: Post Office Bay A white-sand beach where in the past sailors used to leave and receive their letters in a barrel.
Floreana Island: Baroness’ Observatory This site shows a breath-taking view of La Lobería and the inland features of Floreana Island.
PmFloreana Island: Cormorant Point Cormorant Point offers a trail overlooking a saltwater lagoon that is a favourite of flamingos.
Floreana Island: Champion Islet A small island located very near Floreana, snorkeling and diving around Champion can be excellent.
THUAmSanta Fe Island A volcanic uplift that hosts a forest of Opuntia and palo santo. Endemic land iguanas are often seen
PmSouth Plaza Island South Plaza has one of the largest populations of land iguanas in the Galápagos.
 FRIAmSan Cristobal Airport

4-day “Eastern”

FRIAmSan Cristobal Island Arrival to airport where your trip will begin. San Cristobal is the first island in the Galapagos that Charles Darwin visited.
PmSan Cristobal Island: Cerro Brujo A beautiful white-sand beach full of pelicans, blue-footed boobies, sea lions and marine iguanas.
SATAmSan Cristobal Island: La Galapaguera Learn about the giant tortoise breeding programme established by the National Park.
PmSan Cristobal Island: Pitt Point Here there are endemic species such as lava lizards and red-footed boobies.
SUNAmEspañola Island: Suárez Point Suárez Point is one of the most outstanding wildlife areas of the archipelago.
PmEspañola Island: Gardner Bay Gardner Bay has a magnificent beach with turquoise waters. The bay is home of a large colony of sea lions.
MONAmSanta Cruz Island: Charles Darwin Station An organisation that provides scientific assistance to ensure the proper preservation of the Galápagos.Transfer to airport in Baltra

5-day “Northern”

MONAmBaltra Island Arrival in Baltra airport and transfer to the boat. Briefing onboard about the boat and the island.
PmSanta Cruz Island: El Chato A reserve in the highlands where you have the opportunity to observe the giant tortoise in the wild.
TUEAmSanta Cruz Island: Whale Bay Whale Bay is the site of one of the oldest whaling camps on Santa Cruz Island.
PmSombrero Chino Island The landing is on a beautiful crescent-shaped beach, home to sea lions and Sally Lightfoot crabs.
WEDAmBartholomew Island Visit the Pinnacle Rock and the white-sand beach: the best area to get photos of Galápagos penguins.
PmSantiago Island: Sullivan Bay Thelava field has a variety of patterns made by the shapes and textures of trees that once existed there.
THUAmGenovesa Island: Darwin Bay A coral beach where a 750 mt. trail takes you through more seabird colonies.
PmGenovesa Island: Prince Phillip’s Steps An extraordinary, steep path leads through a seabird colony full of life, up to cliffs that are 25m high.
 FRIAmBaltra Airport



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