Anzu River

Rafting from Banos or Tena in the Anzu River is the ultimate travel experience with your family or friends. A great day to remember for a life through the Amazon Rainforest!


Are you looking for a trip for the whole family? Well, stop looking! We present you the Anzu river, a calmed and beautiful river, perfect for the whole family.


he trip begins at 8.30am at Café Tortuga. About ten minutes outside town we cross the Napo river, one of the principal tributaries of the colossal Amazon, and continue for about another thirty minutes south into the jungle.

Once we arrive at the river you will be fitted out with a life jacket and helmet and the trip leader will give the group a comprehensive safety briefing. The group will then be divided into teams and your team will be introduced to your guide. Your guide will train you in the paddling techniques needed to navigate your way down the river, revise your safety equipment, and securely stow any items you bring along like sunscreen or a small camera. Then it’s off onto the jungle waters for a day that contrasts furious paddling down fun, bouncy rapids and moments of quiet contemplation of the beauty of the passing jungle.

During the trip we’ll stop at a riverside beach for a delicious picnic lunch that includes fresh tropical fruits and is served with soft drinks, juice and water. At the end of the trip we celebrate a great day out with a few ice-cold beers or sodas. The drive from the take-out back to Tena takes about ten minutes. Arrival time is approximately 4pm but may be earlier or later depending on the river level.

Season: All year


Price: 80 USD per person


Certified guide, travel insurance,  safety kayaker, transportation to the river and back to Tena or Banos, high quality equipment, a delicious lunch, pictures of the trip and an unforgettable experience.

Requirements: Good health, minimum age of 6, and the will to have a great time!



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